Warrant of Fitness Inspection

If your equipment is operating in a yard that the public has access to, or is driven on the road – you must have a Warrant of Fitness and Registration.  Check here for the definition of a road by LTSA.

Just like your car,

  • WOF checks include items like brakes, lights, seat belt, horn, tyres etc
  • Your equipment must be registered before we can lodge your Warrant of Fitness Inspection with the LTSA.

If your equipment is not Registered:

  • You can do this yourself at the AA Agency or Jeff can sort this for you - see details below.
  • Initial Registration including number plates & first year - $250.00
  • Once this is done - you will get the reminders in the post - you can then either update it online or at the local agency.
  • If repairs are required we offer a 30 day re - inspection time to allow for the repairs to be carried out.

Not like your car,

  • Forklift & Exempt Class B WOF’s are annual for new machines and 6 monthly for older machines (excess of 6 years old)
  • We call to your site and carry out the inspection, and lodge the WOF online with LTSA.

Other Points of Interest:

  • Under the Health & Safety Act 2015 the law states "to provide safe and maintained machinery and have trained staff trained to use that machinery, also you must also have a system in place ie keep records".  A Warrant of Fitness check only checks that the forklift is safe to operate on the road - it does not check the components that are specific to Forklifts and their operation - ie the forks, mast, chains & carriage.  We therefore recommend that all forklifts should have a full Safe Equipment Compliance, which includes checks on these items as per the manufacturer’s specification.  See our Safe Equipment Compliance and Planned Maintenance Program details.
  • Definition of a Road, previously a yard that was gated (gatehouse) was exempt from the Public and therefore a loophole existed - however a company in Christchurch was fined for not having their forklift up to WOF standard.
  • Insurance - check this out with your insurance company - what happens if you back into a member of the public or indeed they might back into you? Like a car this can be refused if your vehicle is not up to standard.         
  • Click here for our PDF "Does my Forklift Need a WOF?"
  • Ultimately the buck stops with the forklift owner, therefore it is your decision what to do and when.

Once Warrant of Fitness is issued, we will;

  • Adhere a WOF sticker.
  • Lodge the details with LTSA.
  • Put a note in our reminder system for your next inspection.
  • Issue a copy of the paperwork for your record keeping system.


Forklifts and Exempt Class B Equipment WOF (onsite)   $155 plus GST
Light Trailer WOF (at our premises)     $55 plus GST
Annual Registration Fee (Paid by you) $57 plus GST
Some travel may be charged     Please ask for a quote
Repairs and Tyres as required  Please ask for a quote

Registration of your Equipment for the first time

We can sort this for you if you like, however you can also call into your local AA agency and fill out the paperwork yourself, you will need

  • For Companies - a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation
  • For Individuals -  your Drivers Licence
  • Details of the Forklift, including vin/chassis #, serial #, make model, year, weight & class

Jeff has done many of these, so he can sort this for you.
Call Jeff on 03 544 1581 or email him parts@nelsonforktrucks.co.nz