Safe Equipment Compliance Inspections

= Forklift Warrant of Fitness Inspection plus Inspection to New Zealand Standard B56.1- Onsite

Safe Equipment Compliance Inspections

Our Safe Equipment Compliance is a complete check to cover your requirements under the Health & Safety Act 2015, it includes:

  • LTSA Warrant of Fitness Check


  • a complete forklift specific check as per the NZ Standard NZS B56.1 – Approved by NZ Standards as the Safety Standard for Low and High Lift Trucks, powered and non – powered. (this publication is available online).
  • A check that the forklift is maintained to the manufacturer’s recommendations by trained personnel, ie part of a Planned Maintenance Program, (If your forklift is on our Planned Maintenance Program - this part is easy as we have the records - however if it is not we will need to see proof of this - within the 30 day recheck period).  See details of our Planned Maintenance Program.
  • A regular clean to check to observe for cracks and broken parts.

Once Compliance is issued, we will:

  • Adhere a Safe Equipment Compliance sticker.
  • Lodge the details with LTSA.
  • Put a note in our reminder system for your next inspection.
  • Issue a copy of the paperwork for your record keeping system.

Cost: $190 plus GST