Safety Products

Forks - Your forks need to be measured regulary for wear and also check that they are adjusted properly.


How "Forked" are your FORKS

An important piece of your FORKLIFT.

Forks need to be checked regularly for wear - our technician's have the correct tool for to measure these - to the manufacturers specification.

Fork adjustment also needs to be checked to ensure your forks don't drag on the ground causing unnecessary wear.

We can also carry out a "crack test" on your forks.


Lift Chain - an important lifting part of your FORKLIFT

Lift Chain

This needs to be checked regularly to ensure the chain has not stretched, causing weak links that could potentially break.

Our Technicians have the correct measuring tool to measure stretch - get your chains replaced before any damage happens.

Forklift Tyres - solids & pneumatic forklift tyres

Forklift Tyres

Nelson Forktrucks Ltd carry a range of FORKLIFT tyres - cushion solids or pneumatics.

We also have tubes, and wheel assemblies.

Re-grooving - NFL have a tyre re-grooving tool that allows us to renew the tread pattern on solid tyres.


Forklift Lights - Nelson Forktrucks have a range of forklift lights - head lights, stop/tail lights for all makes and models of forklift


NFL have a good range of lights for all makes and models of FORKLIFT, we can also replace bulbs and repair wiring. 

Be safe - Be seen

Safety Flashing Lights - be seen

Flashing Lights

Nelson Forktrucks have a good range of Flashing Lights - all different shapes and sizes.

We also carry replacement bulbs.

Forklift seats - fitted with seatbelts


Nelson Forktrucks Ltd carry in stock new FORKLIFT seats fitted with safety seat belts.

Reverse Alarm or Back up Horn - be heard

Reverse Alarm or Back up Horn

Be heard before you are seen - important safety feature when reversing.

NFL can fit up these or repair your existing set up.

Signage - we have stanard signs and stickers relative to forklift safety

Safety Signage

Nelson Forktrucks carry "Forklift" safety signage for your premises and also relevant stickers for forklifts.

Lock Out Tag

Lock Out Unsafe Machinery

Our technicians have "Lock Out" tags to prevent unsafe machinery from being used.  The keys are removed and handed to the Supervisor until the machine has been safely repaired and put back into service.

Safe Work Zone

Safe Work

Our technicians carry with them a full range of Personal Protection Equipment PPE.  This includes(but not limited to) First Aid kit, Fire Extinguisher, Safety Work Boots, Hard Hat, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, names Hi Vis Clothing, sunscreen and Safety Cones to mark out their safe working zone.

Hire Forklift - Safe & Maintained

Safe Hire Forklift

Our machines are fully maintained to a safe working condition, most are WOF and Registered.  We call and carry out safety checks on the machine at the place of Hire and leave the paperwork to prove that it is up to standard for your records.

Mancage For Hire - Safe Working at Height

Safely Work at Heights

We have available for Hire a Man Cage for safely working at heights, with a harness.

Forklift Owners Manual

Best Practices & Approved NZ Standard for Powered and non powered Lift Trucks.

Includes all aspects of Lift truck ownership, specifications, and operators guidelines

A copy from NFL is bound with a clear cover and backing page, it also includes as an addition a sheet to note the Specifications of your forklift and a copy of the Daily Operators Checklist.  We keep ours in a clear pocket on the forklift at all times.

Heather can print you off your own bound copy for $65

Email Heather on or ph 0800436755.


Warning Decal Set

We have had made up for us all the necessary warning labels for a forklift, we check these are attached as part of our Safe Forklift Inspection, however you can purchase them from us also.  It is good practice to get Kim to have a look over your machine and decide which stickers are appropriate to your machine.  Please contact Kim on or call 0800436755.

Forklift Safety Lights

Forklift Halo LED Lights.

Mark out a safety area around your machines for ultimate pedestrian safety.

Call Jeff to find out more 035441581.