Meet the Team at Nelson Forktrucks Ltd 

Kim Murdoch – Director/Workshop Manager

Kim Murdoch – Director and Specialist Forklift Technician

Started NFL in Dec 1993 – Forklift Mechanic for over 30 years.

Qualified mechanic – specialising in forklifts.  Kim started his apprenticeship on forklifts,  after leaving school he went to work for Gordon Dacombe at Forklift Services Nelson, Kim has pretty much worked specifically on forklifts ever since  – all makes, models, sizes etc.  In 1993 when John Higgins sold up his business and Kim was keen to take over.  Since starting up Nelson Forktrucks Ltd Kim has always remained hands on, this is what he enjoys. Kim is an authorised Warrant of Fitness Officer.  Only recently he has taken a step back to guide the young guys and you will find him in the office more often. When Kim's not at work he enjoys socialising and getting out and traveling around the countryside with Mel.  Contact Kim.

Colleen Bradley – Director/Office Manager

Colleen Bradley – Director and Office Manager

Started NFL in Dec 1993

Upon leaving school Colleen attended an office training course at NMIT, she had various jobs including assistant branch manager of an automotive parts business in Perth.  In 1994 the twins (Kayley and Layton) were born and Colleen ran the business from home.  Colleen enjoys the outdoors – you will find her out in the garden with partner Stu or out on her mountain bike in the weekends. Contact Colleen.

Duncan Cunningham – Senior Technician

Duncan Cunningham - Senior Forklift Technician

At NFL since 1996.

Duncan has many years of experience on forklifts prior to working at NFL, and has now clocked up 20 years here with NFL and 40 years in the trade!  Duncan is based from our workshop and often oversees the younger guys, offering backup experience and guidance.  He also oversees their apprenticeship assignments etc. Duncan is an authorised Warrant of Fitness Officer. On the weekend Duncan and Barbie enjoy getting out and about in our lovely region.

Jeff - Parts & Service Co-ordinator

Jeff Chapman - Parts & Service Specialist

Started at NFL 2001

Jeff has been a part of our team for more than 14 years.  He does a bit off everything - answers the phone, organises parts, helps out co-ordinating service work for the workshop guys, invoicing etc etc. Mostly he is in the office but you will often see him out and about in his ute delivering/collecting parts and calling on clients. In his spare time Jeff likes to ride his push bike, hang out with Deb and the family. Contact Jeff

Alec Young – Forklift Technician

Alec Young – Forklift Technician

At NFL since June 2013.

Alec came to us with previous experience in engineering, cool store and forklifts. He has a variety of experience on forklifts and is now in his third year of his automotive apprenticeship training through NMIT.  Kim and Duncan back up Alec in the workshop and when he is out and about on jobs - he often travels for NFL over to Blenheim, down to Christchurch and over the Coast. Alec enjoys hunting and 4X4 on the weekends.

DJ Holmes - Forklift Technician

DJ Holmes - Forklift Technician

Started at NFL April 2014

DJ started with NFL in April 2014 as the "after school boy", cleaning up the workshop and doing odd jobs.  At the end of the year when he decided to leave school we offered him a full time job with an apprenticeship through NMIT.  DJ now in his third year of his apprenticeship and doing very well.  You will see DJ getting out and about now in his van doing jobs around Nelson and more recently over to Blenheim.  DJ is involved enjoys fixing up his own cars & socialising on the weekend.

Heather Campbell - Administration

Heather Campbell - Administration

Started at NFL Nov 2015

Heather started at NFL after graduating from Waimea College in 2015.  She helps out with all general office duties, sending out invoices, filing, data entry, facebook page, website, spreadsheets, paying bills and answering the phone to name a few of her duties.  She is keen to learn and works well with the team, she has even been seen driving a forklift. On the weekend Heather enjoys socialising, painting and on occasion getting outdoors. Contact Heather

Trent Palmer - Workshop junior

Trent Palmer - Workshop Junior 

Started at NFL - May 2017

Trent started with NFL in May 2017 after deciding to leave school at the end of 2016. Trent does all sorts of tasks around the workshop including cleaning up and helping the other mechanics with their jobs. Trent started his apprenticeship at NMIT this year and often attends the night classes. You'll often see Trent driving around in his van picking up parts and going to help out the other mechanics. On the weekend he enjoys motor cross, water sports and socialising. 


Poppy - the Guard Dog (haha)

Poppy comes to work most days, she is good entertainment and welcoming guests, however she's not much of a guard dog.  She has just turned one year old.