On the 1st of February our whole area was flooded, high tide in conjunction with high winds from the "ex cyclone" pushed the tide up the waterway along beach road and into our street. Water was right through the office, we have lost paperwork, office furniture, phones, power and internet, in the workshop we lost several pieces of equipment welders, compressors etc & forklifts & vehicles.

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Seasonal Newsletter about Forklift news, seasonal hire, planned maintenance, appraisals, WOFs and fun events in Summer 2017

Autumn Seasonal Special - Magnet

Autumn Seasonal Special - Forks

Autumn Newsletter 2017

Nelson Harness Races 2017

An afternoon at the races

Summer Seasonal Special - Forklift Forks

Forklift forks

Summer Seasonal Special - Pre Season Forklift Inspection

Pre Season Forklift Inspection

Spring Newsletter 2016

Spring Seasonal Special - Seat and Seat Belt

Seat with or without a seat belt

Spring Seasonal Special - Pallet Lifter

Pallet Lifter/Pallet Jack

Spring Seasonal Special - Grabber Attachment

GA Grabber Forklift Attachment

Winter Newsletter 2016

Autumn Newsletter & Health & Safety Update

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Pre Season Services, book in now for a full check, save on a costly breakdown later. Rental Forklifts - do you need an extra machine? Health & Safety, Client Log in area to view our OSH Certs, First Aid, LTSA, Public liability etc, contact Colleen. 100 % Locally Owned & Operated. Forklift WOF/Safety Check's. Congratulations Layton for completing your Automotive Apprenticeship.

Come and join us for the Nelson Harness Club Summer Races - Fri 8 Jan 2016

This is a great annual summer event, we have a tent site in the centre of the track, look out for our NFL tent, BBQ, drinks and fun in the sun. Racing starts around 2pm until around 7.30pm, we are generally around from 1 pm til late. Come and join us - email me at colleen@nelsonforktrucks.co.nz if you would like to join us.

Blog from Forklift Action Electric vs Engine powered.

Blog from Forklift Action Electric vs Engine powered.

Spring Newsletter 2015 PDF Version

Quarterly newsletter on Forklift Industry News, Forklift Hire Fleet, Forklift Maintenance made EASY, Health & Safety update, Forklift Attachments and more

Spring Newsletter 2015 Online Version

Quarterly Forklift Industry News, Hire forklifts, EASY Pre Season Maintenance, Attachments, Forklifts for Sale, Local Owned & Operated.

Winter 2015 Newsletter a quarterly update of forklift industry news

Winter Tips, forklifts for sale, free hire forklifts, Health & Safety, locally owned business, forklift tyres, facebook

Apprentice Shortage in Forklift Industry

NFL doing it's part to get trained technicians into the Industry, and thanks to the nz governement scheme we have three apprentices.

Newsletter Autumn 2015

Health & Safety changes are happening later in the year, new staff member, tips for forklift upkeep, forked forks, safety checks, wof, forklifts for sale.

Kohatu Park: NZ Central Adventure & Motorsport Park

Sign up to be a member, join facebook, Lets make it happen!

Nelson Harness Racing - this Friday at the Richmond Show grounds

Come and join us at the Races, we have a tent in the infield. $10 entry fee. Racing starts around 1 PM. Text Colleen if you would like to come along or want to know more:-) 0274382732.

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Rental forklifts, Seasonal Requirements, Safety Checks, Forks, Planned Maintenance

Spring 2014 Newsletter

Pre-season Planned Maintenance, Locals Giving back, QR reader, Safety Checks, WOF Checks, Contact details

Nelson Forktrucks Ltd - Winter Newsletter

Winter 2014 - Trade Me, new look service vehicles, cat forklift rental fleet, locals, website.

Nelson Forktrucks Ltd Autumn Newsletter 2014

Trade me, website, monthly special, celebrating 20 years in business, 100 % locally owned and operated, reminder to top up radiator with coolant and battery checks