Starters, Ignition & Fuel systems



Standard & Ballast, give Jeff a call with the Make, model & serial # 035441581

Various Forklift Spark Plugs

Forklift Spark Plugs

Many different types to choose from - call Jeff on 5441581 with your make, model and engine type - 035441581

Forklift Glow Plugs

Glow Plugs for forklifts

Give Jeff a call with the Make, Model and serial # 035441581


Contacts/Ignition Kits for Forklifts

All makes and models available - please call Jeff 035441581

Ket Switch for forklifts

Forklift Key Switch

Genuine and non genuine available - call Jeff and get one sorted, make, model & serial # on 035441581

Forklift Alternator

Forklift Alternators

Various makes and models available, new or reconditioned.  Please phone Jeff with your make, model & serial # 035441581

Distributor Cap Forklift

Distributor Cap/ & Rotors

Different makes and models available, ph Jeff on 5441581 with your forklift details.

LPG parts for forklifts

LPG Parts

A range of LPG parts available, genuine brands of forklifts plus Impco, Beam etc

Ph Jeff on 5441581 with your details.

LPG filters

LPG Filters

Different types to choose from.  Call Jeff with your forklift details on 5441581

LPG Fittings & Couplings for forklifts

LPG Fittings & Couplings

Many different types to choose from, call Jeff with your details 035441581.

LPG Kits for forklifts

LPG Kits for Forklifts

Toyota and Impco in stock, other brands available also.  Contact Jeff on 035441581 or with your forklift details.

Forklift Starter Motors new and reconditoned

Forklift Starter Motors

Many to choose from, new and reconditioned.  Please contact Jeff on 5441581 or

fuel sender for Toyota forklift

Fuel Sender Unit for Toyota Forklift

Toyota in stock, contact Jeff for inquiries on all makes and models - generally we can get stock overnight.  035441581 or 08004forklift,