Cosmetic Items

Forklift Mirrors - various sizes


Various sizes and types available, call Jeff with details 035441581

Panels & Covers

Panels and Covers

Various types for various makes and model of forklift.

Corner covers for overhead guard, reservior covers, dash moldings, steps, fuel cover etc etc

Please call Jeff and inquire 035441581

Forklift Knobs & Handles

Knobs and Handles

Various Knobs and Handles available for forklifts, all makes and models

Steering wheel spinners also.

Please call Jeff and inquire 035441581


Forklift Pedal rubbers

Forklift Pedal Rubber

Various types available, accelerator, brake, inching etc.  All makes and models available.

Please call Jeff to inquire 035441581

Forklift Seat Belts

Seat Belts

All types available, get your forklift safe - call Jeff on 5441581 to inquire about these.

Rubber Cushions and Mounts

Rubber Mounts and Cushions

Many different parts available - call Jeff on 5441581

Forklift Gas Struts

Gas Struts

Many different sizes available - or we can get your existing unit re gassed.  Call Jeff to find out more 035441581

Forklift Brackets & Levers

Brackets & Levers

Various types available - give Jeff a call 035441581

Registration & WOF Holders

WOF/Rego Holders for your forklift

Call Jeff and arrange yours - 035441581