FORKLIFT Services for all makes & models of forklifts

We service all makes and models of FORKLIFT'S.

Over the years we have been service and sales agents for Toyota, Clark, Linde and Mitsubishi brands of forklifts, we are now not aligned to any specific brand and can look after all makes and models of forklifts.  We carry parts for all brands and have contacts all over NZ & overseas for Forklift parts, we carry most common parts in stock but if its not here we can get it in for you. Kim has invested in creating good quality technicians, our guys don't just come and change the filter and oil, they are trained to carry out repairs, diagnose faults, advise on safety issues, with back up from Kim and Duncan we offer the whole package, as much or as little as you require, within your budget.  We look after Toyota, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Crown, TCM, Nissan, Kalmar, Hyster, Komatsu & Clark forklifts, and some others too.

Onsite Full Safe Equipment Compliance Inspections  = Forklift Warrant of Fitness Inspection plus Safe Equipment Compliance (SEC) Inspection to New Zealand Standard B56.1

NFL carries out NZ Standard Safety Checks to the NZS B56.1 – Approved by NZ Standards as the Safety Standard for Low and High Lift Trucks, powered and non – powered.  This comprehensive inspection includes all the standard WOF Inspection, plus the Safe Equipment Compliance Inspection.  This ‘Standard’ states that the Lift Truck should be maintained to the manufacturer’s recommendations by trained personnel. This includes regular cleaning to check to observe for cracks and broken parts.  NFL have developed a Planned Maintenance Checklist that covers all makes and models of forklift, this ensures that all the necessary points have been covered.  Under the Standard B56.1 Planned Maintenance needs to be performed. The Safe Equipment Compliance sticker can be issued if NFL is your service provider however, if Planned Maintenance is not performed by our company proof of this will need to be provided.  This can be done at the time of inspection or within the 30 days recheck time.  NFL will then issue your forklift with a Safe Equipment Compliance sticker and the paperwork for your record keeping system. Ultimately the buck stops with the owner of the forklift, we will note faults and recommendations however it is up to the owner to authorise this work.

Onsite Warrant of Fitness Inspection

Changes since the new law came into effect in April 2016, we now recommend that all forklifts should have a full Safe Equipment Compliance.  All forklifts that travel on the road, or in a yard or carpark that the public have restricted access to should be registered and WOF - just like your car.  However the WOF Check does not cover all of the other safety requirements now required - "to provide safe and maintained machinery and have trained staff trained to use that machinery, you must also have a system in place ie keep records".  We recommend that all forklifts have the Warrant of Fitness Check - (which covers all aspects just as your car - tyres, horn, lights, brakes etc) AND an add on to Safe Equipment Compliance inspections - which covers all of this plus the forklift specific points ie the lift chain, forks, carriage, maintenance, warning decals and Operators manual.  We provide you with all the paperwork that you are required to keep as proof.

Get your forklift legal. 

Costs involved $190 excl GST per WOF/Safe Forklift Compliance check (depending on the age of your forklift, 1 or 2 checks a year - just like your car), and Registration - if your forklift is not currently registered there is a one off initial registration which includes the # plates and one years registration for $190 incl GST, after that $57 per year.

$275.50 per year for one check & registration incl GST

$494.00 per year for two checks & registration incl GST

We are Authorised by LTSA to do ONSITE Warrant of Fitness Inspection on your FORKLIFT/S (and other COF Exempt machinery, Loaders, Tractors etc).  If your FORKLIFT is operating in a yard that the public has access to or if your FORKLIFT is driven on the road – the FORKLIFT must be registered and warranted. There is some confusion around about what is technically a road, (see below for LTSA defition) we believe most places fall into the category that should have a WOF, our understanding is that the only places exempt are those that have a controlled gate house.  We can arrange all of this – the initial registration and warrant of fitness and then the on going ONSITE WOF Inspections, annually for new machines (up to six years old) and six monthly inspections for older machines at $190 each time, (this does not include repairs, also some additional travel may be charged).  Initial registration is around $190 and then around $60 per year after that, this is also a good record for ownership, YOUR FORKLIFT MUST HAVE CURRENT REGISTRATION FOR THE WOF TO BE LODGED, just like your car.  We can carry out WOF checks on Exempt Class B machinery - this includes light trailers,loaders and other such machinery.   (For clarifications check out Land Transport Website here). Insurance is another good reason to get your forklift Rego & WOF, you might want to check this out with your insurance company, what happens if you back into a member of the public or indeed they might back into you?

WOF checks are required on your forklift every 12 months for new forklifts (up to six years old) and six months for older machines.  This will ensure your forklift is in safe working condition (just like your car - brakes, lights, seatbelt etc).  We carry out these checks ONSITE - not like your car, we come to you instead.  Each WOF check is $150 + GST,  this does not include repairs and some extra travel may be charged depending on whereabouts of the forklift. $190 for Full Safe Compliance.

You need to have your forklift registered prior to the WOF to have your WOF authorised through the LTSA. 

If your forklift is not currently registered - we can do this for you to ensure that it is registered in the correct class.  The Initial registration includes the number plates, and just like your car,  ownership is required to be registered and changed, this costs around $190 incl GST.

Once your forklift is registered with LTSA you will receive a certificate of registration in the post,  and the registration reminders will be mailed to you directly, the annual registration is only around $60 incl GST per year. 

From there you will require one or two WOF checks per year, we travel to your premises and carry out checks onsite - EASY. 

Inspection includes 30 day recheck for compliance issues.

Click here for our PDF "Does my Forklift Need a WOF?"

 Check here for the definition of a road by LTSA.

Click here for an article about a Work Safe Incident

Many insurance companies also require the forklift to be registered and WOF, in case there is an accident with a member of the public, ie you back into a car - you may want to check this out with your Insurance company.

Safe Equipment Compliance Inspection

Ultimately the buck stops with the forklift owner, therefore it is your decision whether to get your forklift registered with LTSA, however we recommend it.

We can carry out an Annual Safe Inspection that excludes Warrant of Fitness and Registration - therefore will not be authorised by LTSA to drive on a "road" however is up to a safe working standard. (see above link for official definition of a road).

A comprehensive Safe Equipment Compliance Inspection includes all of your forklift - forks & chains measured to manufacturers specifications, warning decals, operators manual etc, brakes, seat, seat belt, lights (if required), load plate, tyres etc.

A copy of the checklist will be provided to the owner as part of the paperwork record keeping system.

We can  also carry out a specific  "crack test" for your forks additionally if required.

Planned Maintenance Programs

Planned Maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is very important to keep your machine in a safe working condition as well as being cost efficient.  By using our Planned Maintenance program we can save you money in the long run, get faults fixed before they break and end up costing more money in repairs, not to mention expensive downtime. Planned Maintenance is arranged at a convenient time that keeps your operation running smoothly in busy times.  We can manage this for you, predict your usage in hours and ensure that your machine is maintained to the manufacturers recommendations.  This is also an opportunity to clean & check over the machine and check for possible faults or cracks, remedy them before there is a costly breakdown.  We provide you with a written copy for your records.  I liken Planned Maintenance to going to the dentist, don't go for ages and its going to be painful and costly, a regular visit and small costs are more manageable:-)

Weekly/Monthly Checks

For the high usage client – we can call and carry out regular inspections to ensure the FORKLIFT machine is “match fit and ready for action".

FORKLIFT Repairs and Refurbishments

Nelson Forktrucks can carry out smaller repairs onsite, or arrange for the machine to come back to our yard for bigger jobs – anything from a total refurbishment to specific repairs ie mast or engine out jobs.  We prefer to repair FORKLIFTs in our workshop that require welding, grinding or any "HOT WORK", we can carry out some of these smaller repairs onsite, if you have a procedure to do so.  Our workshop is fully equipped with many specialised bits of equipment including full steam cleaning facility, workshop hoist, lathe, welding, grinding, gas area etc.

Check out this recent refurb on a Toyota FG18

               This is the before photo                                                                   and this is after... WOW                         

Re-groove Cushion Solid Tyres

Get “groovy”  NFL can re-groove cushion solid tyres to give your forklift more grip and up to WOF standard.

Back Up Services

Over the years we have built good relationships with reliable back up support for tyres (puncture etc) and hydraulic hose repair.  Contact NFL and we can suggest someone in your area. These guys are not what we call sub-contractors - we can recommend them but under Health & Safety requirements you must agree to have them onsite.

Nelson Forktrucks can help make your job easy

Our team is varied right from our apprentice up to our workshop manager – Kim uses his past 30 years of experience in the forklift business to predict and estimate for a whole range of jobs – from pallet lifters to 20 tonne machines. Contact Nelson Forktrucks and find out how we can help you.